4 Ways Engaged Employees Benefit Your Organization

http://us.fotolia.com/id/67072522According to Gallup, “As organizations [increase engagement], they greatly reduce the negative impact of actively disengaged employees while unleashing the organization’s potential for rapid growth.”



Consider the following statistics:

Ratio of engaged employees to disengaged employees in the average business: 1.83:1

Ratio of engaged employees to disengaged employees in world-class businesses: 9.57:1

There is an obvious disparity between organizations with high employee participation and those without: the world-class businesses enjoy a much higher rate of engagement. How exactly are the two correlated? What benefits do these businesses reap from their proactive employees? Here are four ways engaged employees could benefit your organization as well.

1. Increased Productivity

Gallup reports 22% higher productivity in organizations with high engagement. They also experience double the success rate of those that have a high rate of disengagement.

2. Decreased Turnover

Traditionally high-turnover organizations showed 25% lower turnover, while low-turnover organizations showed a whopping 65% decrease.

3. Improved Quality of Work and Health

Businesses that score high in engagement suffer 48% fewer safety incidences. Plus, their products boast 41% fewer quality defects.

4. Increased Operating Profits

A study by ISR found that organizations with high engagement experienced a 4% rise in profits over three years. Those with low engagement experienced a drop in net profits and operating margins by 1.38% to 2.01%. These numbers may seem small, but multiply them by millions of dollars and the effects are far more substantial.

Conclusion: Changing from Passive to Proactive

How can you increase engagement? Turn your focus to the employees who aren’t as involved; encourage them to take on a more active role in your organization. They can do so by participating in an Employee Suggestion Program, where employees can share opinions and potentially watch them make waves.

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