3 Tips to Breathe Life Into Your Employee Suggestion Program

Neon butterflyIs your Employee Suggestion Program losing momentum?

Don’t forget that your employees can be the best source of innovation. If your organization experiences a drop in suggestions, here are 3 tips to get your ESP back on track.

1. Ask!

Ask your employees about what has kept them from submitting more suggestions. It is possible that they are in need of more direction. Ensure that you select specific areas that need improvement, such as ROI, sales, social media presence, or cost reduction.

2. Publicize your program

Do your employees still know that the suggestion program is up and running? It may be in need of a “relaunch.” Treat the reintroduction of your ESP like a marketing campaign – click the link above to learn specific tactics.

3. Open it up to all departments

Invite employees from all departments of your organization, from front-line employees to C-level executives, to take part in offering suggestions. The results may surprise you.

Just because you’ve hit a hiccup in your suggestion box doesn’t mean it’s done working for you. Use these tips to refresh your ESP and get the suggestions flowing again!

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