How You Can Use Your Employees’ Strengths to Drive Engagement

You hired your employees based off of the skills that they have and can bring to your team.  Use those talents to drive engagement in your organization.

According to a Gallup poll, “employees who use their strengths everyday are 6 times more likely to be engaged on the job.”

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Top Employee Engagement Blog Posts: Week of September 28, 2015

Top ESP Blog Posts (green)Looking for some great reads on Employee engagement? Here is aroundup of the top blog posts I read this week. I hope you find them helpful!

1. What You Must Do To Make Your Business More Efficient: Chantal Bechervaise tells you how to get the most of your employees and make your organization run more efficiently.

2. The Truth about Courageous Leadership:  In this post, Lolly Daskal explains how to be a courageous leader by taking risks to encourage your employees.

3. Turn Around Even the Most Unmotivated Team by Being Proactive: Robert Conrad lists the best ways to engage your employees and turn around an unproductive team.

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Recognition vs. Rewards: Which Will Benefit Your Employee Suggestion Program?

Great Job On Sign Shows Praise Appreciation Or ApprovalWant to find a way to recognize your employees and encourage engagement?

In this blog post, I will compare recognition and reward, let you know the benefits of recognition, and give you successful ways to recognize your employees. These points are based on those outlined in the book Employee Driven Quality.

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3 Big Myths About Employee Suggestion Programs

Cute background with cartoon unicorns in the cloudsA good Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) can offer a variety of benefits for your organization.

However, three myths may be keeping you from implementing a successful ESP. Wondering what those are?

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6 Steps to Start an Employee Suggestion Program: Step 2

ビジネスマン パソコンThis is the second post in our series on how to establish a successful Employee Suggestion Program (ESP), based on the book Employee Driven Quality.

Our last post covered Step 1, Establishing a Development Team for your ESP.

In this post we will cover Step 2: Defining the Objectives of your Employee Suggestion Program.

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6 Steps to Start an Employee Suggestion Program: Step 1

People help hand join up stairsIs your organization planning to launch (or relaunch) an Employee Suggestion Program?

In this blog post series, I will share six steps to help you establish a successful Employee Suggestion Program. These steps are based on those outlined in the book Employee Driven Quality.

Step 1: Establish Your Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) Development Team

The first step is to establish a development team for your ESP. This team will define and implement your ESP. So, who should be on your ESP development team? [Read more…]

4 Ways Engaged Employees Benefit Your Organization to Gallup, “As organizations [increase engagement], they greatly reduce the negative impact of actively disengaged employees while unleashing the organization’s potential for rapid growth.”



Consider the following statistics:

Ratio of engaged employees to disengaged employees in the average business: 1.83:1

Ratio of engaged employees to disengaged employees in world-class businesses: 9.57:1

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3 Tips to Breathe Life Into Your Employee Suggestion Program

Neon butterflyIs your Employee Suggestion Program losing momentum?

Don’t forget that your employees can be the best source of innovation. If your organization experiences a drop in suggestions, here are 3 tips to get your ESP back on track.

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The Secret of Employee Recognition

Excited Kid with TrophyHow good is your employee recognition program?

Employee recognition is important for your employees and your organization. Learn how you can unlock the secret of employee recognition and use it to benefit both your employees and organization. [Read more…]

Employee Engagement: How 3 Top Companies Increased It

high-fiveHow are companies today keeping their employees engaged?

Read this article to learn how today’s top companies like Southwest Airlines and Google are keeping their employees engaged. Discover how using the right engagement practices can create a more motivated and high-performing organization.

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