3 Tips to Breathe Life Into Your Employee Suggestion Program

Neon butterflyIs your Employee Suggestion Program losing momentum?

Don’t forget that your employees can be the best source of innovation. If your organization experiences a drop in suggestions, here are 3 tips to get your ESP back on track.

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One Simple Change to Upgrade Your Employee Suggestion Program

Puzzle LadderA properly-structured employee suggestion program (ESP) can provide incredible opportunities for your organization to grow. However, there is one element a lot of successful ESPs share – is it missing from yours?

According to researchers Anita L. Tucker and Sara J. Singer from the Harvard Business School, the key to operating a successful employee suggestion program is to focus on [Read more…]

Lessons Learned from Successful Employee Suggestion Programs

Cake PopsIs your employee suggestion program effective?

Used effectively, an employee suggestion program can drive your organization forward with great ideas and valuable insights to implement in your organization. Let’s take a look at how three companies used an employee suggestion program to improve their organization… [Read more…]

12 Ways to Effectively Recognize Employee Suggestions

Happy-Dog-300x300Are you recognizing your employees for their ideas?

Recognizing your employees for their helpful suggestions can encourage them to submit more and better ideas to benefit your organization. Find out why it’s important to recognize your employees’ ideas and 12 effective ways to do so… [Read more…]

The Secret of Employee Recognition

Excited Kid with TrophyHow good is your employee recognition program?

Employee recognition is important for your employees and your organization. Learn how you can unlock the secret of employee recognition and use it to benefit both your employees and organization. [Read more…]

Suggestion Box Systems: How to Escape the Fatal Flaw

Boom Pop ArtDid you know there is one fatal flaw that can cause your suggestion box system to self-destruct?

Yup, it’s true. And, unfortunately, many organizations suffer from it.

What is this common flaw, you ask?

Here’s the short answer: Relying on extrinsic motivators.

Extrinsic motivators are dangerously easy to implement. That’s why many organizations try to use them. Don’t fall into that trap!

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How to Turn Employee Complaints Into Ideas

Creating new ideasComplaints can often feel difficult to deal with. Especially when those complaints come from your own employees.

But the good news is your employees’ complaints can help improve your organization. Learn how to handle the complaints that come through your suggestion box system and turn your employees’ complaints into ideas with these 3 tips… [Read more…]

How to Respond to Employee Suggestions

3d Penguin in baseball cap with first aid kitYour employee suggestion box system in place and you have your employee’s suggestions, so now what? How do you respond to your employees’ suggestions?

Responding and acting on employee suggestions will engage your employees and encourage them to submit more helpful ideas. Acting on them will also show your employees that you take their suggestions seriously and want to use them to improve your organization. Learn how you should respond to your employees’ feedback with the following tips…

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Employee Engagement: How 3 Top Companies Increased It

high-fiveHow are companies today keeping their employees engaged?

Read this article to learn how today’s top companies like Southwest Airlines and Google are keeping their employees engaged. Discover how using the right engagement practices can create a more motivated and high-performing organization.

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Should Suggestion Box Systems Use Anonymous Suggestions?

Businessman, shrugging, shoulders, unsure“Should we allow anonymous suggestions for our suggestion box?”

I’ve been asked this question many times by companies implementing employee suggestion programs.

Allowing anonymous suggestions for a suggestion box has its pluses and minuses. However, there is a better approach available. Keep reading to find out what it is… [Read more…]