The Secret of Employee Recognition

Excited Kid with TrophyHow good is your employee recognition program?

Employee recognition is important for your employees and your organization. Learn how you can unlock the secret of employee recognition and use it to benefit both your employees and organization.

Why It’s Important to Recognize Your Employees

We all appreciate being recognized. It makes us feel happy and motivated. Regularly recognizing your employees can improve employee engagement, your organization’s culture, and – as a result – your organization.

Eric Mosley, founder and CEO of software company Globoforce, says that what really works to motivate your employees, especially for a budget-constrained company, “are the things that you might dismiss as the stuff of kindergarten: small awards, all the time, to almost everyone.”

 “Salary increases […] are just one time events. There’s just pressure for another one. Small awards all the time are a way to constantly touch people.” – Eric Mosley, founder and CEO of GloboforceClick to Tweet!

According to Intuit VP of human resources Jim Greiner, employee satisfaction with the recognition of their accomplishments is up four percentage points since the company changed its approach.

“I’ve never seen bigger awards get such a bang for the buck.” – Jim Greiner

How Your Organization Can Benefit from Employee Recognition

It’s clear that your employees benefit from employee recognition, but how does your organization benefit?

Recent Bersin & Associates research shows that organizations with recognition programs have higher employee engagement, productivity, and customer service than other organizations with ineffective or no recognition program.

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Organizations that regularly recognize their employees also have a 31% lower voluntary turnover than other organizations with ineffective recognition programs.

The takeaway? Regularly recognizing your employees directly impacts your organization’s bottom line.

You Know the Secret So Now What?

Begin to recognize your employees in your organization and unleash the benefits of employee recognition. By regularly recognizing your employees, you’ll motivate your employees, increase their productivity, and increase their engagement. Take the next step and start recognizing your employees by responding to their suggestions.

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