6 Steps to Start an Employee Suggestion Program: Step 1

People help hand join up stairsIs your organization planning to launch (or relaunch) an Employee Suggestion Program?

In this blog post series, I will share six steps to help you establish a successful Employee Suggestion Program. These steps are based on those outlined in the book Employee Driven Quality.

Step 1: Establish Your Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) Development Team

The first step is to establish a development team for your ESP. This team will define and implement your ESP. So, who should be on your ESP development team? [Read more…]

Should Suggestion Box Systems Use Anonymous Suggestions?

Businessman, shrugging, shoulders, unsure“Should we allow anonymous suggestions for our suggestion box?”

I’ve been asked this question many times by companies implementing employee suggestion programs.

Allowing anonymous suggestions for a suggestion box has its pluses and minuses. However, there is a better approach available. Keep reading to find out what it is… [Read more…]

5 Tips to Get More Ideas for Your Suggestion Box System

More IdeasA suggestion box system is a great way for you to tap into your employees’ ideas and improve your organization. But without a steady flow of employee suggestions, your suggestion box system won’t be successful.

So how do you get more ideas from your employees? These four tips can help: [Read more…]